Company overview

AMIVA is set to become the leading marketplace for sale and purchase of metalworking machinery in CIS countries and Baltic region.

AMIVA brings together its customers and partners from the European Union and CIS countries, helping them to sell and purchase new or used metalworking machinery and special equipment. Wide range of machinery - from standard equipment to unique special purpose systems and advanced search engine will allow our users to find, request or sell metalworking machinery.

Why now

Market analysis of metalworking equipment in EU shows a continuous decline in imports of new equipment since 2014. Trend of currency rates  force companies to pay special attention to the market of used equipment in order to reduce costs.

Despite overall decline actual demand on used machinery has grown noticeably in recent years - By over 500% since 2014, according to the data from BUSINESSTAT agency. The same trend is observed in the market of EU, Baltic region and others.

We are targeting these markets and assisting companies from European Union in selling machinery.


AMIVA Mission

AMIVA mission is providing a full range of services on buying / selling used or new metalworking equipment by combining Europian and CIS markets.